Recent Projects

Promotional Material + Design for Print


The below shows a small selection of some recent design for print projects (and/or promotion online). I work with InDesign and Photoshop to create flyers, invitations, full book projects, logos and more. I have ongoing relationships with printers in both Scotland and England. Below, see selected imagery used during design projects for Tatha Gallery (an art gallery in Fife, Scotland) featuring artwork by James Lumsden, Jai Llewellyn, Murray Robertson, Jim Dunbar, myself, Matthew Draper, Helen Glassford, Norman Gilbert… Also see recent branding for Lateral Lab & An Talla Solais.


My own primary website, constructed in collaboration with Open Horizon Studio, frequently updated and thus displaying the most up to date features and elements I offer clients. The site is heavily image focussed: boasting full width banners and various styles of (unified) image gallery. All photography on the site is my own, and each image is set to display at the highest (web) resolution possible without impacting heavily on loading times. The site also has an eStore and benefits from a clever stock management tool.


This was a collaborative project, built with Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar – my partner at A LA LUZ (a design venture from 2015 & 2016). Anna wanted for her website to be as much a showcase / platform for her artworks, as a record bank of her research work. Many of the photographs were taken by me whilst volunteering for eco-focussed arts residency Joya: Arte + Ecología. The site is maintained now by the artist and has an extensive news-blog.


Artist Documentation: Joseph Calleja


I've been contributing to artist Joseph Calleja's documentation since 2010. I've been fortunate to photograph and film Joseph in both Scotland and Malta (the latter in collaboration with Open Horizon Studio). Documenting Joseph's work is a long-term undertaking, and a bank of images and footage is slowly growing: Joseph has full usage rights over this documentation and can use it without the need to credit CreateCreate. Usage examples: his own website, for promotional purposes, for print, for arts application packs...


This design (and translation) project was headed up by my colleage Gonzaga (now of Open Horizon Studio). The website acts as an online catalogue for Sigrid's extensive practice – which includes painting, performance and research. The site can be read fully in both English and Spanish.


A complete website overhaul (plus documentation) for artist Helen Glassford. Helen wanted for her site to be approachable, interactive and in-keeping with her painterly aesthetic. Throughout the site, images of Helen's studio add to a design that aims to offer the viewer a look at her artistic processes and inspirations – as well as glimpses from behind-the-scenes. All this aims to allow the viewer to learn more about Helen as an artist. The site was built to work just as efficiently on mobile as on desktop, and features an extensive Journal section. Along with the site I provided painting documentation, promotional design material, and a short film of her sketchbooks.


For many years Geraldo had been using a self-managed blog as his sole form of web presence. He wanted simply to transfer the content from his blog stream into the format of a website – thus making his online presence stronger and the user experience more accessible. We trialled two different designs before settling on the below, and plan to expand the site to include his most recent artworks over the coming months.


This site acts as an online portfolio for Paris based artist Camille Bernard. As well as site construction, the project included image editing and artwork / exhibition documentation. The site features a full-screen cover page designed on Photoshop from fragments of Camille's paintings. Many of these design projects are conducted from afar: I can create sites for artists all over the world, providing updates via message or Skype as the project progresses. In terms of timescale, we can work as slowly (or quickly) as you need.


Solanne requested a minimal website, in-keeping with the aesthetics of her fine-art practice. The site is as stripped back as possible. Solanne's work is complex and takes on a variety of formats and mediums: this minimal style therefore allows each set of documentation space to breathe. Thanks to the minimal layout the website is easy to add to and maintain by the artist directly. Included in this package was social media support and a series of promotional graphics.


Branding & Supporting Material


For alternative health practitioner Susan Mackie. The project involved creating a bilingual website:, plus a set of promotional graphics (and photos) and patient regime cards / forms. The aim of the site was to stand out from other sites of the same purpose – to create a design with an artistic emphasis. I'd highly recommend seeking treatment from Susan – though she lives in France, she can consult over Skype.


A simple website for Edinburgh based writer Katy Nixon. The site boasts automated anchor scrolling and a clean and crisp look, ideal for letting her texts stand forward. Writers' websites have a tendancy to be over-complicated and so our aim was to strip the site back to the essentials: sample texts, a brief bio, event dates and contact information. We plan to add a blog in the coming months.




Photographs (for promotional use) of Asturian musician Lorena Álvarez, taken in 2015 on behalf of arts organisation Joya: arte + ecología on the event of an annual arts festival (organised by Joya) in the Almería arid-zone (Spain). Hear Lorena Álvarez y su Banda Municipal on Spotify.


The Newport


This project brought together two businesses and their brands — Tatha Gallery and The Newport Restaurant — operating under the same roof. The project sees the creation of a shared image bank and set of promotional materials, physical and digital.


Promotional Film


Spanish artist Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar’s principal medium is his camera. His thorough and patient photographic works possess a potent undercurrent: an energy that emanates subtly. His works seem to be concerned mostly with a fleeting light, captured at a specific time of day — but for me, it’s the darkness (the unseen, outside of each frame) that speaks the most. His photographs describe for me an imagined world — one stuck in permanent twilight — one in which neither day nor night exist. Waves of claustrophobia distract his audience from focusing solely on the aesthetic beauty of each work, not just because they offer no sky, but because they’re deceptive: they overwrite the landscape with a light which has little to do with their subject. They’re surreal, dream-like. My aim in this short promotional feature was to capture a sense of the earth his photographs present, with a quiet nod to his own half-lit aesthetic style.


Other Projects of Note

Ongoing Design Work for Tatha Gallery | Ongoing

Documentation & Web Design for Artist Lynda Marwood | 2019

Painting Documentation of Artist David McClure's Paintings for the McClure Estate | 2017

Music Festival Branding & Design | 2017

Product & Process Photography for a Printing Company | 2017

Documentation (Photo & Film) for Arts Residency Joya: arte + ecología | 2014—2015

Artwork Documentation for Artist Stephen Kavanagh | 2014

Price Guide 2019

I aim to make these rates as affordable as possible. I'm well aware of the unstable income creatives often face. I offer website design from £800 (for individuals) including 1 year of free hosting • Photo-set (starting at 10 images) inc. call-out: from £175 • Long-term print / design projects: £100 per 6 hour day (for individuals) • Maintenance / tutorial hourly rate £20/hr depending on complexity

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